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DCClassics.Com Lead, Platinum, & Tin Review

In my efforts to get caught up on my backlog of reviews, I thought it might be a good idea to throw December’s Club Infinite Earths offerings into one big review. It seemed only naturally since Mattel chose that month to (nearly) complete the Metal Men with Lead, Platinum and sorta-Tin.

Being a fan of the deeper rosters found in comics, the Metal Men are one of my all-time favorites. When it comes to DC Archives, you won’t find Batman or Superman on my bookshelf, but you’re sure to run across Metal Men or Doom Patrol. I’m not entirely sure why that is – I do love the big characters too, but I’m drawn to the lesser known guys quite a bit. As you can imagine, that’s left me rather frustrated when it comes to toy collecting. That’s why the arrival of the December Mattycollector box was a pretty glorious day. Overlooking a few concessions which I’ll cover throughout the review, I finally have the Metal Men on my toy shelves. It’s not something I can explain to those that wouldn’t understand, but it makes me very happy. I waited a long time for this.

I’ve already talked about the Metal Men’s back story in my Gold, Mercury, & Iron reviews, so I’ll leave you those links if you want to read more about the team and jump right in to December’s figures. I do have to apologize for the lack of Tina pics. I still think reviewing these together was the way to go, but Lead does sorta steal the show.

The first thing any Metal Men fan will tell you about Lead is that he’s way too damn big. In a perfect world, Lead really needed his own wide, squat buck. As such, I’d disappointedly written him off for the subscription. I had no idea how Mattel could finish the Metal Men given the subscriptions limitations and I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be getting him any time soon. So, when they showed him using the C&C Darkseid buck… I was floored! The use of the Darkseid buck was off, but smart I thought. I wish I had thought of it.

I’m going to tell you right off though that I don’t care one bit about his size. The Metal Men are all shape shifters, so even though there is a clear scale that is clearly being violated here, I can wrap my head around it just fine. What’s more, I think Lead looks great as the big guy on the team. In the comics, Iron was intended to be the big guy, but Lead always pulled his weight and often (literally) shielded the team. This switch in the roles just feels right to me, so I’m fine with it. Besides Iron still looks plenty tough as the team’s muscle.

Next to Darkseid, the two don’t appear to share as much as they do, but all that’s been added is the new head, the tunic (that’s unfortunately backless), new gloves with bolt details, and new legs from the knee down. Thankfully, the 4H retained the craggy look of the reused limbs on the new lower limbs for consistency. 4H/Mattel also got rid of some the height by shortening the calves which does look a little odd, but the figure hides it well. Altogether, I think it’s a great representation of the Metal Man.

The best part of the whole figure though might just be the head sculpt. He’s happy and it makes me happy to look at him being happy. Facial expressions can be tricky on action figures, but many of the Metal Men were a bit too stoic for my tastes. Lead helps change that up with that big grin. Continue to Page 2…

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