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December Review Index Update & Top Reviews

Normally, I’d prefer to post the Review Index updates on the first of the month, but 2013 has started with a roar and I can’t believe January is already half over! Nonetheless, the Indexes could all use a little love and I kicked things off with the IAT & Battlegrip Review Indexes!
First up, here are links to the updated Review Index for IAT & for!

First, here are the Top Ten for December:

Normally, I exclude reviews from previous months to get a “true” Top Ten for the month in question, but since we didn’t post 10 reviews in December, that’s a little hard to do. Still, MOTUC dominated what little there was with Dekker, Randor, and the gold Power Sword from the DVD rack topping the list for the month! Rager & Burning Godzilla weren’t two far behind, though the dueling Starscreams really brought up the rear for December.

The thing that baffles me most from this round has to be the sudden interest in DC Classics Golden Pharaoh and/or the Sinestro Batman! That’s an old review, over a year, but it still managed to find it’s way into the Top Ten for December. Crazy.

While there were only seven IAT Reviews for December, be sure to check out the Battlegrip index for their Top Reviews in December or even more at the Review Index links below: