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Site Feedback: What Do You Want to See in 2013?

2012 was a great year for the site, but with that success comes the lofty goal of growing and entertaining our readership even more in 2013. We’re gearing up for a big year, but that doesn’t amount to a whole lot without our great readers joining. So, we want to know what’d you like to see next year.

Before we jump into the polling questions, I do want to take a moment to thank you guys for a great year! When our 2011 traffic was more than double our 2010 traffic, I was pretty shocked. (Heck, I’m still in awe when I see the numbers the site statistics spit out.) Our 2012 numbers weren’t double 2011’s, but they were far from disappointing. We’re still growing and it’s still crazy to me. Especially when I think about putting out content for that many people to enjoy. Largely, I expect that keeping up with what we’re doing is probably a good course to take. Everyone seems to like it. But, the questions nag at me. What could I do better? What could I do differently? Well, that’s where you come in.

Reviews are easily the biggest draw here at IAT, so first we’ve got a quick poll about where you’d like our focus to be. Now, our focus can’t go much beyond what Vault or I buy, but it turns out… we buy way too much. Some of it has been getting reviewed regularly, like MOTU Classics or Transformers Prime, while other reviews never seem to make it to the site, like 1/6th Scale (show of hands, who knew I bought 1/6th scale stuff?). While the site reviews give you a good idea of what’s being bought here at IAT, it doesn’t tell the whole story. This poll will be your chance to give some feedback about what you’d like to see covered. Choose as many as you like and feel free to put some suggestions in that Other box – maybe you’ll turn us on to some cool toys we didn’t even know existed.

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That covers the primary feature here at IAT, but what about other types of articles? What do you want to see besides reviews? I’d like to get a few more editorials on the site if I can get enough of a buffer on the reviews, but that’s just me. What features would you like to see continue, be brought back, or get added around the reviews? Again, you can check all that apply and if you’ve got a good idea, please make use of the Other category!

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And finally, a short poll concerning the checklists. This poll is a little different than the others in that I consider it a two-parter. One, which of the site’s checklists do you make use of, and two, what checklists would you like to see? I’m always receiving requests for new cardback checklists, so I thought it’d be nice to take a poll and see what gets support. I’m not promising any new checklists, updating the dozen or so I have are plenty of work as it is, but if there’s support there, I’ll be happy to look into it. Again, check all that apply.

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Okay, I think that about covers it. Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate the readership more than I can ever say. I love that you guys and gals keep coming here day after day, week and week. I hope you’re all looking forward to 2013 as much I am. Vault and I will be kicking off a 2012 Retrospective next week (31st-4th) and then we’ll dig right in to 2013 based on the feedback provided here. Thank you again!