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Earths Uncle Sam Review

The new head sculpt is one of the highlights of the figure admittedly, but I don’t like it. I would’ve preferred a more classic version on the head sculpt, either the slicked back hair or the curly/bushy hair from the poster. Instead the inspiration appears to be the destitute Vertigo hair or the more recent pre-New 52 appearances. I can’t knock the sculpt, it looks great, like’s he ready to kick ass, but this guy needs a haircut.

The other thing I’m having trouble with on this figure is the hands. There aren’t bare hands made for the suit body and even though Mattel put out two suit figures that needed bare hands in November, there still isn’t. Mattel popped two normal hands on both Sam & Constantine and sometimes the figures just don’t like quite right. Sam points – it’s kinda his thing. His other thing is punching. And we got a figure that can hold a steering wheel. I know I’ve taken Mattel to task both ways on the hands. When there are fists, I complain about open hands. When there are open hands, I complain about fists. What I really just want is some options. Adult Collectible just need alternate hands.

The paintwork on Sam is pretty good considering the detail required. The details on the face are great as is the suit, particularly the striped pants. The only paint issues mine had were on the non-removable top hat with both the stars and stripes coming out a little askew.

Articulation is normal for the line. The suit body features everything the main bucks do, but I can’t turn the waist on my figure. I’m not sure if it’s just supremely stuck or not meant to be turned. If I remember, my Joker was really frozen at the waist too, so it may just be the buck is prone to locking up that joint.

Finally, Uncle Sam did include an accessory. It’s yet another thing that ended up not where I thought it was in the move, but Vault was kind enough to snap a few pics and send them over this morning. First, I’m absolutely thrilled that Mattel tossed Doll Man in for this release! That’s awesome, particularly because I would’ve put Doll Man up there with Matter Masters as a never gonna happen. The execution was a little lacking though, both mine and Vault’s had bent legs from the packaging and both of ours has the cape stuck/glued around the chin instead of being pushed all the way down to the shoulders. That’s gonna be a messy fix I think.

Overall, I’m happy that Mattel got Uncle Sam in the line. It’s a decent figure that just falls a few points shy of being great (he really needed new hands) and has a great head sculpt even if it isn’t to my preference. The inclusion of Doll Man is particularly exciting to me because I want all the Freedom Fighters. Some of you may say “who?”, but I’d kill to get the Human Bomb, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, the Ray, and toss in Firebrand there to boot.

Thing is though, if any of those figures are going to be coming, it will be in the subscription. And I’d really like to be wowed by something in the subscription. The character selection has definitely wowed me, but the execution hasn’t always. The subscription DC figures seem to be being made because they can be or because no one’s come along to say stop. I remember when buying DC figures felt like the folks making them where as excited as I was. I’d like to get back to that some day.

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