Aural Onslaught (the Music Thread)

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Re: Aural Onslaught (the Music Thread)

Postby twofisted » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:11 am

dayraven wrote:got thinking this evening about a little music rant that bugs the starfruit out of me, and figured i'd share w/ y'all.

you know what really chafes my ass? metallica "fans" who started their collection w/ the black album, but then haveto balls to call them sellouts over load and reload. the great bands all try different sounds over the course of their career, and some of those sounds are successful, and some aren't. load and reload both managed to cram a few really good songs on to each album, along w/ some god awful schieze. but guess what... if you're a REAL metallica fan, the change in sound started at the black album, which was the most commercially successful in part due to it's watered down tempos, emphasis on meoldy and more radio friendly run times. but none of that matters, because it still rocked. it was still metal and damned good metal by a fantastic band. i was not a huge fan of S&M, as i think kamen was trying to keep up w/ the band, when he should have been complimenting them w/ the orchestra, but i still buy their albums cuz they're insane metal gods and deserve all the proprs one can possibly bestow upon them. they're metallica, and at their worst, i'd trade that CD for the entire sugar ray catalog.

I hope yer not lumping Lulu in with that "creative experimentation" are you? I'm willing to sift thru the filler to get to the killer on Load and Reload. I'm willing to give Lars the benefit of the doubt with his empty 50 gallon drum percussion on St. Anger. But Lulu is where i draw the line...and I'm fairly sure that most Metallica fans drew the line there too haha. If you've never listened to Lulu....DONT. You're better off. Its like seeing the Star Wars prequals and letting them tarnish yer appreciation for the originals just a little.
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Re: Aural Onslaught (the Music Thread)

Postby dayraven » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:41 pm

no, i let lou reed take the fall for lulu. i don't know any metallica album between st anger and death magnetic. [smile] sorry it took so long to note this reply.

just snagged the pale emperor by marilyn manson... for me, far and away his best since mechanical animals. i like manson, and i like what he does well, which is menace, with panache... i think the perfect balance of that, for me, remains antichrist superstar, but ever since, he's tended to lean less and less on menace and more on panache, to my increasing dislike. this album hews closer to the mix found on mechanical animals than say the golden age of grotesque, which for me, was far too panachy, and lacking menace almost entirely.
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Re: Aural Onslaught (the Music Thread)

Postby PrfktTear » Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:26 pm

I haven't really liked anything after Mechanical Animals. Holy Wood and Grotesque were disappointments. I can't even remember if I picked up Eat Me, Drink Me. I didn't even bother with The High End of Low or Born Villain. Hearing good things about Pale Emperor though. I will check it out eventually.
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