PR: Super Megaforce ep 1 thoughts.

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PR: Super Megaforce ep 1 thoughts.

Postby liokaiser_jlee » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:30 am

Well in truth I think people who haven't seen Gokaiger are gonna think best.ever seen. Me I have 95% Gokaiger footage and barely much US. Yeah sentai fans and followers will know and seeing the Japanese family the Gokaigers help in first ep (though no faces ofcourse) and easily a fast rush into another eps Villian of the day. (Not to mention all the Gokaiger poses and actions Bumbling Doc, Spunky Luka, Ahim,.and Badass Jo.and.Marvelous. WHO YOU TRYING TO KID SABAN) Well sums up.easy rushed up Gokaiger with bad dubbing work. Gokai Change BETTERRRRRRR PROOOOOGRAM watch Gokaiger subbed.

Glad was a small nod to fact wrong color but no mention why they have a pirate motif. (Ibquitbwhen caughtbthe rush moment)

My thoughts what yours?
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Re: PR: Super Megaforce ep 1 thoughts.

Postby JamesLynch » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:18 pm

First of all, I think we need to start with the elephant in the room: the Legend War. In Gokaiger, it happened in the opening moments: all the Rangers of the past banded together to drive off the alien invasion. In Super Megaforce, they're apparently holding off the big battle until the finale.

While I can see how that might seem appealing at first glance, it throws the whole story out of whack. In Gokaiger, the reason the Gokaigers were able to change into past Rangers was because, when the veteran Rangers sacrificed their powers, those powers were converted into miniature totems (the keys) that were spread across the galaxy. AkaRed and his team went through a lot of effort to gather them all, and the collection of the Grand Powers was a major plot point.

In Super Megaforce, as with Megaforce, Gosei just sort of says, "Here you go, here's these, go to it." If there's no earning of the power ups, why didn't Gosei start them off with the most power possible, to repel the alien invasion much more effectively in the first place? Also, they can change into past Rangers just because? In Gokaiger they were actually utilizing the powers of those past Rangers. The previous Rangers had all sacrificed their powers, but it gave the new team the ability to defend the Earth. In Super Megaforce, it's just, "Use this morpher, you can change into the past Rangers. Because."

It's also weird trying to graft the Megaforce Rangers' personalities onto the Gokaiger footage. Jake went from being the warrior strongman to the goofy wimp. Noah went from brainy but not particularly battle-hardened to the master swordsman, Troy went from being incredibly reluctant and reticent to shoot-first-never-ask-questions. That last one's kind of an upgrade, honestly. It was like they couldn't fit their usual incredibly-lengthy ADR into the footage before Marvelous started shooting.

Some elements were handled okay. The beginning, when the Rangers were working with the people of Earth to try and sruvive, that was handled pretty decently. The moment when Mr. Burley gave the inspirational speech felt really forced and unearned. The problem with Megaforce, and now Super Megaforce, is that they're trying to cram an entire Sentai season's worth of events into less than half the number of episodes. Everything feels rushed. The supporting cast might as well not exist, and even the Rangers themselves I don't feel we've gotten to know as well as most past seasons, because the producers are more concerned with fitting in as many new toys into as few episodes as possible. I know times have changed, but in the early season of PR, you got one set of Zords, one set of weapons, and you had to make do. There was more focus on story, which meant the viewer cared more, which meant they wanted the toys. Now it's more about how many flashy pieces of crap can they introduce per episode.

Another thing that I liked, but that didn't appear consistently, was the use of old Rangers' morphing calls. Without the Morpher actually yelling out the past team's name, like the Mobirates did in Gokaiger, the changes need that extra oomph. It was a neat callback to hear the morphing calls for the other teams, but not hearing "SPD, emergency!" was a huge letdown.
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Re: PR: Super Megaforce ep 1 thoughts.

Postby manekochan » Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:50 pm

Finally watched it. Not a patch on Gokaiger... I was hoping it would at least be fun. Ah well.
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